Websites & Branding & Design

“The alternative to good design is always bad design. There is no such thing as no design.”

- Adam Judge

Sometimes it can be strange to think of ourselves as entrepreneurs, but that’s exactly how we need to think. Even if you work for a group practice, you are still building your brand, marketing, and trying to maintain a business.

Therapists often resign themselves to lots of coffee networking meetings, or going to a few office open houses in order to get new clients and have their name be in the community. Most of us have not been taught about modern marketing, branding, or other aspects of building a business. We rarely invest in good website design, social media marketing, or ourselves as business owners.

If you’re ready to invest in a more updated website, and you want some help with branding and graphic design, there are SO MANY talented and wonderful people who can help. I’ve listed a few below.

Business & Design Resources

Creative Lady Directory - a great directory in you are looking for anything from logos to graphics to websites to knowing how those high profile instagram accounts got so dang good looking

Humble Design Studio - if you’re looking for great quality but can’t spend tons of cash. She is offering so much value for very low cost.

Marks and Maker - if you’re ready to start taking your practice to the next level, and need some really on-point branding and strategy help, Melinda is your person. She works really well with people who are struggling to find clarity and direction with their branding. Super responsive and smart.

Nothing Design Studio or RADCAT Design - Ooooh, look at you! Are you wanting to write a book or get known as a speaker? You’re ready for the big big dogs.


YouTube Education

Truly Strategic

The Futur