I am an EFT Supervisor-in-Training, and would love to see you for the low low price of $50 per session.

Don't be scared, Supervision is awesome!

Don't be scared, Supervision is awesome!

I know how vulnerable supervision is, because I’ve been the supervisee for so long (and will continue to be!). It is agony to show tapes, and to show every second we wish we had done something differently. We brace ourselves and just wait for the supervisor to ask, “Do you know anything about EFT?” It feels this bad because we care so much about doing a good job.

When I was starting out, I hated that I had do therapy on real couples, when I felt like I barely knew anything. I thought this was such a messed up system - those clients should go to someone who knows what they’re doing, not me! But, it’s the only path we have. We don’t get to practice on fake couples - our work is alive.

If you are new-new, our work will focus on helping you understand the map of EFT better, and feeling more focused and confident in the room. It really is true that beginner EFT is still helpful for couples. Plus, you’re coming in with humility and eagerness - two vital and helpful qualities for couples that sometimes more experienced therapists lose along the way. If you’re a sophomore EFT therapist, and you’ve got some time under your belt, but still struggle with the tough cases - you are not alone! This model takes a lifetime to learn well. Let’s talk it out together and see if we can find the blocks within the couple or within yourself.

If you’d be interested in learning with me in this way, send me an email and we’ll get it set up!

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