If you are working out of your own private practice, or have dreams of starting a private practice, I wanted to share some invaluable Practice Builders who have helped and continue to help me along the way.


Abundance Practice Building - Allison Puryear


Allison Puryear was born to coach us into having better practices. Please go look at her website. Please read her blogs and listen to her podcast. She is a genius at this stuff. I want every therapist to know who Allison is and benefit from her practical, compassionate advice in getting your practice exactly how you want it. In addition to practical advice, she knows just how to address those emotional stumbling blocks - boundaries? fear of failing? fear of succeeding?? She offers so much help for free on her website, and also offers paid services to get you where you want to go. 

Rebel Therapist


Annie has my favorite podcast out there - The Therapist Clubhouse. I love her warm, calm style. She focuses more on the person and their internal struggles with being a therapist and building a practice versus hitting you with a list of tasks to market better. 

Hey Tiffany - Tiffany 


Oh my gosh, is this woman amazing. I want to channel her in order to have the practice I want and I also want to get drinks with her. Watch her video on how to figure out if your niche is narrow enough and be CONVERTED. 

ZynnyMe - Kelly and Miranda


I heard Kelly on a podcast with Allison Puryear (see above) and I was really amazed by her perspective and her voice. She was the antidote to my worried, fearful, nervous therapist self. She sounded so healthy and so free, and was the perfect common sense voice to my world of worries I live with. I encourage you to check her out on the podcast with Allison and see what I mean. 

Practice Boss


A therapist familiar with EFT helping you with practice building!

Practice Building Podcasts

I listen to all my podcasts using the podcast app on my iPhone. They're freeeeeeee!

Abundant Practice Podcast

Therapist Clubhouse

The Private Practice Workshop

Practice of Being Seen

Selling The Couch