photo by    Sande Robert

photo by Sande Robert

Hi, I'm Wesley

I'm a certified EFT therapist who is in love with this amazing model, and who also goes through feelings of success and failure on a sometimes daily basis.

My goal in writing this blog is primarily to have a place to soak in what I'm learning and give voice to the struggle of learning this amazing model. This beautiful model is also really hard to learn! A huge part of the appeal is that I'll be spending my lifetime refining and getting better at EFT. Some days that also makes me want to get under the bed covers and not come out.

I write about learning EFT, struggles of being a therapist in general, marketing and practice building tips I learn along the way, and sometimes a random personal story. As therapists, we are, necessarily, so careful with how much we share with others. I wanted this to be a freer space for me and for you.


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