Preparing for the EFT Certification Application

Ok, guys, the time has come for me to start preparing for sending in my EFT Certification Application … which has some Implications … and Complications … and Obligations … (you’re welcome). I’m not sending it in yet, I’m just compiling everything. I figure it will be another few weeks before I am able to mail it off.

I waited until I felt I had my two tapes before even looking at the list of requirements. Mistake. As I’m doing this, I wish I had researched the application requirements before I felt ready to submit, because there are some items that take a little time and others that help clarify what pieces of tape they are looking for.

1) Finding what to submit and how isn’t intuitive from the ICEEFT website. I ended up calling the office there to get help (and they were very nice). Here is a link to the Application Checklist. Some of the materials you need are on the non-member ICEEFT website, and some are only in the member area.

As you can see, you need copies of your diploma, transcripts, and proof of membership in an organization other than EFT. Some of those things need to be ordered or signed up for and aren’t just automatically on hand.

Some other items, like the summary of previous clinical experience, can be written up before having the tapes.

2) I didn’t realize you need a total of four, FOUR, letters of reference. One from your supervisor, and three from colleagues. This might be something to think about in advance, so you’re being intentional about who you’re asking and can ask for them ahead of time since it takes time for people to write them.

3) I wish I had ordered an encrypted hard drive earlier. Because I still haven’t. Because I’m procrastinating. You need to send your tapes on an encrypted hard drive. I’m just going to include a note with my phone and email and ask the reviewer to contact me when they’re ready for the password. You won’t get it back, so kiss that fancy hard drive goodbye.

4) I wish I understood better what they are looking for in the tapes. I felt like I was running around asking everyone what the tapes should look like. With Stage 2, it sounds like they are looking for a couple to be de-escalated, and to be able to take in at least some of their partner’s vulnerability. I wish Stage 2 tapes weren’t so hard to get, but to me that seemed like the silver unicorn, always out of reach. I almost cried at my desk last week feeling like I was never going to get a good Stage 2 tape, and went down a hole of feeling like a crap EFT therapist. It’s not easy.

5) You need your couple(s) to sign a specific ICEEFT permission form for their tape to be submitted in this application. I wish I had my couples sign that up front, since now I may have tape they’ve given me permission for taping for supervision, but I can’t know if they’ll give me permission for having ICEEFT review it - thus, anxiety. And scrambling. I wish I had just had all my couples sign this alongside the other permission sheet I have them sign for recording. Then it’s all done and I can send in a tape whenever I have it.

You might wonder why I’m telling you all about this now, before I know if my application was good enough. Well, if it’s not, then I think that would be good information to share. This is all a learning process, if I live or die by this thing I won’t be able to handle it. So I’d rather go about this the way I usually do, transparently, so we can all learn something together.

(but please say a good thought/prayer for me)