How has your week been?

les patients

les patients

I've been working on a blog post that I'm excited about, and then last week we moved apartments and both my dogs got sick. So instead of finishing that post, I've been cleaning up dog accidents 24/7 (thank you Bissel carpet cleaner), running back and forth to the vet, and trying to get our apartment somewhat livable. So, instead of melting my brain trying to get that other post out, I'm writing this one. 

So many people I know are having crappy weeks. Sometimes it all just comes in at once. A friend shared this poem a while back, and I wanted to share with you. It helps me remember that as much as I want clients to achieve the change they want, and for them to achieve the change I want, that truly being with them, right where they are, is where stillness and compassion live. 

Refuse the old means of measurement.
Rely instead on the thrumming
wilderness of the self. Listen.
You have been lost for some time,
taking comfort in being home
to any wandering thing. Sheep and brown cows
graze your heart pocket. Antelope and bison
lap the great lake of your eye. And in your ear
the black bear winters.
You name your dawn shadow
You name your dusk shadow
And the river that cuts you as you run west,
You name it Persistence.
Look. If you could bear sobriety,
you'd be sober.
If you could bear
being a person, you would no longer
be an iron bluff.
Do not wander. We are all apportioned
a certain measure of stillness.

Donika Kelly, Out West, Bestiary