Nurturing Yourself

photo by  Sande Robert , world's best photographer

photo by Sande Robert, world's best photographer

Today I want to invite you to step away from busy-ness with me, just for a moment. 

Instead of reading something I write, I want to share with you a really beautiful and important piece Katrina Kenison wrote for On Being, called "Solitude: A Reprieve from the Noise of Doing."

Kenison writes, "There is the necessary, satisfying work of serving others in all the places where you are loved and needed. But there is also this: the soul’s work, which you ignore at your peril. And so, for today, anyway, you commit yourself to it fully: The journey inward to find your own truth. The stillness of your mind behind the noise of your doing. The willingness to see the beauty inside yourself, and to honor that. You are a little rusty and awkward in your quest. The privilege of solitude is also a skill that requires practice."

What do you need to step away from, today?