A Fantastic EFT Training You've Never Heard Of

So Rebecca Jorgensen emailed me and asked if I would take this EFT webinar course In Session in exchange for telling you all my honest opinion about it.


I emailed back calmly and professionally, because I’m a composed professional, saying of course, I would love to do that.

Inside I was like, “AAHHHHHHGGGHHHHNNNNNFFFLLL!!!!!!! CHRISTMAS AND MY BIRTHDAY AT ONCE!!!!!!!” I mean, you guys know, this is like getting an email from Michael Jordan saying, hey, will you come to my basketball camp? But then please share amazing basketball tips with all your friends.

I don’t know about you, but I had never heard of In Session. It’s on the sixth season of being out, though. It’s a webinar of seven episodes that come out once a month, and you can attend them live at your computer or watch them later as recorded webinars.  So let me tell you how brilliant this idea is: you watch seven different EFT trainers have an entire session with one of their real couples, and then at various points they stop the tape and explain what they were thinking in certain moments of the session. MIND. BLOWN.

To watch all these different masters at work AND hear about their live thought process about what they are doing????? This is genius.

What I particularly appreciated in watching the first one is that these are the trainer's real, ongoing clients, so you see more of the relationship-building than when seeing a live consultation. The first webinar is with the trainer Zoya Simakhodskaya, and I appreciated watching her let her clients talk a little about the content of their week, and being really validating about that content for a few minutes. I do that too, but always feel kind of guilty – am I allowed to hear about their kids for a couple minutes before we go into hard hitting EFT work?

Then you see her focus them as well, and in this webinar I got to see some really familiar traps and watch Zoya navigate them. She had this great image when she was talking to us about the “GPS re-routing” signal going in her brain when she was trying to re-focus the couple on their relationship. They exited fairly often into wanting to talk about their jobs, and that’s something my clients do, too. Zoya was really transparent, direct, and non-blaming as she redirected them. She said, “We need to put that over there, and focus on what would be useful for the two of you.”

Another common trap I get in is when I ask what a client is feeling and they say, “I feel …. like he’s just lazy.” Or “I feel … like she’s just like her mother.” Ouch, bullets, and in the “I feel” statement context. Watching Zoya navigate those helped me, and also just helped normalize it for me.

The final trap for me is when I ask a client how they feel and they say, “it sucks, it just sucks.” I think, how will we go deeper here? Zoya moved deftly with this, it didn’t trip her up at all.

Something I felt Zoya did particularly well was in her transparency, in wanting the clients to know where she was going and why she was redirecting them.  She used this great phrase, “let’s try something different.” What a gentle way to help a client know you’re going to direct them into something new but with the safety of knowing where she was leading them.

It was fun watching an EFT master with a different style. I had just watched a tape of Lorrie Brubacher the day before in The EFT Lab, and I love watching Lorrie’s amazing gift of up-close reflecting and tracking, and focus on where she’s going. Zoya stayed a little further away and less focused, and explained the moments she didn’t stay on her original goal for the session, and why she changed tracks. As we’re learning this model, I think it’s so helpful to see as many masters as we can, and feel out, what fits for us? What do we feel is our way of being in EFT?

Here are the details and the link to In Session. The course is $350, and you get seven webinars you can access after they go live as well, and watch repeatedly. The first webinar already happened but you can still sign up, watch that one recorded, and then be on track to watch the next one June 20th. There are four male trainers showing their work as well, and I’ve heard from my male EFT colleagues how helpful that would be to sometimes see a male EFT trainer work. Above all …. there’s a session with KATHRYN RHEEM!!! I might pass out with excitement during that one. I cannot wait to see her do a full session, I’ve been dying to see her work ever since I saw her Trainer Talk on Withdrawers.

Thank you, Rebecca, for letting me share parts of this amazing gift with our community!



*CORRECTION! In the original post I wrote that it was six episodes, in fact there are seven episodes that are included with In Session

*disclaimer: I received this webinar in exchange for my honest opinion about it.