EFT and Yoga - they hurt for a reason

I realized this week that as I've been getting deeper into learning EFT I've also been going to yoga more often. I don't think it's a coincidence. I've been feeling pretty beat down this week with trying to learn this model and yoga fits what I need. The teachers have been saying things like, "You can't 'be' without doing, you can't just watch videos of people doing yoga, you have to DO yoga!" This fits perfectly what I'm struggling with about learning EFT. I wish I could watch Becca Jorgensen or Kathryn Rheem and then magically be able to be them. But I have to do EFT to get better at it. THIS IS THE WORST. Anyone else with me? I am all for a Matrix-style upload of EFT into my brain, versus having to feel like I'm failing over and over with couples. Am I being dramatic? I can't tell. On one hand, of course I don't think I'm a totally crap or harmful therapist. On the other, every moment of my tapes could show me doing something better. 

Today in our yoga teacher had us hold frog pose for about 5 minutes, which is unusual. It's an uncomfortable and weirdly satisfying deep hip stretch, and it always makes me feel grateful we don't have mirrors in the yoga studio. As we were holding the pose, she asked us to think about what we want to avoid, or in other words, what we have a hard time sitting with. I have a hard time sitting with being not great at something, which I think most of us do. Especially if I feel like the clients I see could be getting better therapy from my supervisor. But there IS NO OTHER WAY. There isn't a way to be great at EFT out of the womb. There just isn't. We have to do it this way. So …. since it's the only way forward, onward ho.