We have an incredible and supportive community of therapists who give their time, energy, and expertise freely so we can all learn

Anabelle Bugatti - We Heart Therapy YouTube Channel

Anabelle interviews amazing EFT therapists to bring us skills and support!

Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen - www.rebeccajorgensen.com

She has a wonderful blog and website AND huge facebook group devoted to providing EFT support. She also has done the lionshare of the Trainer Talks on the ICEEFT website, which is also a really helpful section to check out. You have to be an ICEEFT member to access those videos. Go to www.iceeft.com, go to the "Members" section, then go to "Trainer Talk Events" to get to her videos.

Karyn Bristol - www.heartbeatsfortherapists.com

Probably my favorite EFT blog I've found so far. Her tips are clear, concise, and written so well that she makes me feel like I can immediately go put her tips into action.

Jennifer Olden and Friends - www.eftsupervisor.com

Just read the entire first page of Jennifer's website. Her words are so normalizing and encouraging, sometimes I go to her website just to read this when I need validation. She also does many EXTREMELY HELPFUL webinar trainings through the EFT Lab and EFT Cafe: https://theeftlab.com and www.theeftcafe.com. I have done at least four of these and they are solid gold.