Coaching the Coaches

You’ve spent a long time becoming good at your field, and now you’re in a position to help others. You’re pivoting from doing the work, to motivating and helping people to find their own voice and power in their work. That’s awesome!

Problem is, being really good at what you do doesn’t always translate to coaching and managing skills. Mentoring and guiding people is a whole new world to learn. Maybe 10% of people you coach will take your great ideas, implement, and soar. It’s a great feeling! But there’s a lot of rewarding work in the people who struggle to take action - this is where the real coaching is.

If you need some guidance in working with people, call me for a free 20 minute consultation. From there, you can see if I would be helpful for you.

$0/ 20 minute consultation (one time)

$200/ 60 minute coaching the coaches session

Let’s See What You Need